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New Moon is a tribute to April's late grandmother (03.08.30-09.15.17) Myrna Lamb, feminist playwright, civil rights activist, hard-headed, tough-loving, mother-figure, guardian, best friend and inspiration. 
New Moon is a story that explores war in its many forms, love (in its many forms), and the mystery and majesty of death.  Set to the backdrops of sea, sand, sun and stars, war scenes, towering ancient trees, suicidal dreams and bird-filled balconies, New Moon journeys through some of the most painful and bewildering of modern human experiences and is usurped by the triumphant spirit, indifference and wisdom of nature.
The album poetry gives voice to women: a mother who mourns her daughter stolen from her by a missile, a daughter who mourns her stolen youth, a woman who loves another woman.  Women who are bound, who are free, who overcome, who transform. A homage to the ancient healers, drummers and magic-miracle-workers who preceded capitalism and patriarchy, to those like April’s grandmother who fought it.
The album pays tribute to the sharing, sharing of one’s art, one’s words, one’s story, as the catalyst of healing and transformation, versus perpetuating the hiding, harboring, protecting, swallowing, wallowing, busying, distracting, drugging.  To the pursuit of truth, of reality, in a time of great lies, a time when we are taught to embrace what has no intrinsic value and discard all that can bring us joy: sharing, creative arts, contribution, love, health and nature.
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liner notes

New Moon. Recorded February 2018 at One Hertz Studios, Piccadilly Building, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon. Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Jawad Chaaban. Compositions, poetry and performance of drums, percussion, oud, guitar, piano, voice by April Centrone. Performance of additional guitar and piano by Zaher Hamade. Voice on Burn by Rana Diab. Photography by Eric Sager. Design by Dania Al-Kabbani.