Spring 2018

Jan 31-Feb 14: solo album recording @ One Hertz Studios, Beirut

Feb 16: Lubana Al-Quntar From Syria With Love @ Georgetown University, Washington DC 

Feb 20: Lubana Al-Quntar From Syria With Love @ Richmond University, VA

March 1: Maude Gun @ The Footlight, Queens

March 4: NY Arabic Orchestra @ Brooklyn Free Radio  

March 8, 10, 11: all-femme pit band @ Purim Unleashed: An Oracle Heist

March 12: John Duffy Institute orchestra workshop-Gina Leishman’s Vagabond @  Virginia arts festival

March 14: bassam saba @Northport Public Library, Northport, NY

March 16: ny arabic orchestra @Kid's Tilt Festival, French Embassy, NY

March 16-April 4: Music Therapy Tour / US Embassy of Malaysia

April 6: NY Arabic Orchestra @Syracuse University

April 26, 8PM: new moon: cd-release @Greenwich House Music School, NYC

april 27: NY Arabic Orchestra @ Boston

may 20: Peter apfelbaum duet @cutting room, NYC

may 26: peter apfelbaum- creative improvisers orchestra @El Taller cultural center, Harlem

june 7, 8PM: new moon: cd-release @the owl music parlor, brooklyn

june 14: persian music ensemble @X Marks the loft, brooklyn

june 19: rhythm guided meditation [sponsored by the beat] @Abhaya Yoga in Gowanus / 43D 9th St / Brooklyn, NY 11215 -- Bring: A frame drum if you have one, or, you can rent one from us for the class


Mondays 6:30pm - Women's Riqq (chiqqs with riqqs)

Mondays 7:30pm - Women's Frame Drum

Tuesdays 6:30pm - Darbuka

Tuesdays 7:30pm - Oud

Private instruction is also available!   Visit my lesson page for more info!