Jane is an all femme rock band based in brooklyn.  It started in winter 2016 when bassist Heidi Garton became inspired to begin an all-femme group and grabbed Deb Sanchez, guitarist of Plastiq Passion.  From there, the two set up rehearsals with drummer, April Centrone, who just returned from a 3-year stay in the middle east.  A few practices in, they got to brainstorming on the perfect singer.  It was not long before they approached Kel Gabriella, 5-ft tall solo singer songwriter with a 10-ft voice, and proposed she join.  Kel dodged and dodged until, finally, she was in the same room with the three other musicians.  Instant family love and music magic was made and Kel never looked back.  Now inseparable friends, the grrls of Jane - Kel, Deb, Heidi and April - play shows, cut each other's hair, tear through Pride shirtless and write 90s-esque sex-grunge music bordering on world-progressive moistened by vocals that are soulful-af.